North Philly and its surroundings have an amazing scene for Rap & Hip Hop, Caughing up North Philly Hozman, whose a.k.a’s  includes: (HOZ, NP Hozman, and NP King). By far earning the privilege of bearing a crown amongst only the chosen few who has obtained such prestiges honor and claim. With his in-your-face, Trap Rap, energy his style boast, and for the "Were looking for something that blows us away," Audience....This is it

Songs like “What You Know” gives great illustration to the works of arts, keeping the listener on their seats edge anxious and wondering what’s to come, While listening to his rhythmic roll-of-the-tongue, with the combination of a beautiful majestical energy.  It is easy for one's self to admit that...

Although born with it to speak. His Voice was meant for 'just this' 

Having 2022 as an accomplished year by earning a million  streams from last single entitled "Situation" featuring Sfive The Hardest, another I want In Music Group Team Member. This year NP Hozman decided to team up and currently working with, I Want In Music Group .. on this new EP titled Hozaleum 2

Hozman, North Philly...