Music Or Life... You Choose! 

Right now, It seems that the reasons behind why i fell in love with the Art of Music and Poetry, are conflicted, because they are also the same reasons why it is being jeopardized as a choice to articulate with speech, language, and expression. In which one is, and has experienced and desire of and for whatever the case me be.

Some come from a place where it is little to no chance at being successful, Unless.  

That unless may include if not limited to the obvious historically notated as the only way out of so called Ghetto.. Sports or Music.. We all know that that isn't true .... Or is it?

Well, some have so called made it out and still able to harness the time energy and efforts to remain steadfast as a placement or figure head. Bragging boasting and taunting of where were raised and honor so much. We find ourselves in a situation of choosing to leave and to stay gone, and, or, stay and lose ourselves in the world that we try our damndest to escape from. I Say We, because WE are WE. and WE are all responsible.

This Art of Music or Rap, Shall i Say, should not be a place for us to hide out in and find a place of reckoning for our families to weep, moan and regret the choices that were made out of the selfish thinking errors that we hold high and dear to us as if its suppose to be this way.... 

The rewards from possessing such gift, should only be out of the same fold that produces life.. NOT DESTROY IT....

I choose MUSIC AND LIFE.........!!!!!!


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